Designing to reduce enviromental impact

There are several aspects to enviromentalism in building design

  1. Operational energy
  2. Embodied energy
  3. Materials – an in depth subject in itself – refer to –
  4. Active systems – PV, Solar thermal
  5. Design – i.e. inclusion of cycle parking, space requirements for enviromental living
  6. Waste in design, construction, operation and dismantling
  7. Design adaptabilty

Passive house methodolgy only deals with the first point on the list, energy comsumption, which keeps it focused. Other standards include other aspects, such as the Building Research Establishment’s Enviromental Assessment Method, the Active House standard and the now defunct Code for Sustainable homes. These are somewhat excessive in terms of paper work for the usual domestic project. At Bilton Design we can guide you through all or which ever aspect clients require.